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Interesting real estate trends and tips for women buying flats in Mumbai.

The Indian woman today is independent, intelligent and daring. The number of women in leadership roles has grown at big companies and powerful women entrepreneurs are challenging the established norms. When the women empowerment is on a high and there are so many success stories everywhere, it is a great time for women to buy flats in Mumbai.
flats in Mumbai
Let’s take a good look at all the facets of real estate related to women in Mumbai.
Advantage: Women
There are several advantage and benefits for women who are interested in buying a flat. For example, if you dream is to buy a 1 BHK/2 bhk flat in Kandivali, Mumbai. These are some of the benefits you enjoy:-
Loans at lower rates
Various national banks in India provide loans for women buyers at lower rates. The banks like SBI and HDFC have rolled out schemes that provide lower interest rates for women borrowers who are planning to buy flats. This is clearly a positive step towards empowering women and helping women buy flats without depending on anyone.
Tax Deduction
The women in India now have a special tax deduction benefit of Rs 2 lakh on the interest rate for loans taken for buying a flat. Suppose, you and your spouse are planning to buy a 2 BHK flat for sale in Kandivali and give the property out for rent, both of you can claim the  tax deduction on the property.
Stamp duty discounts
Whenever the residential or commercial property dealing takes place where a transaction is done between a buyer and a seller, government levies a stamp duty charge to it. The stamp duty charge is different for each of the states in India.
There is a 1-2 percent reduction of stamp duty charge for women when compared to men.
Women can easily buy a flat now without any hassle and the extra benefits mentioned above.  This should really encourage the strong women of today to make their own investments and fulfil their dreams.
While buying a home is always centred on men and real estate as a whole is dominated by male, the women always play a significant role in the buying decision.
Find out how women are better at buying flats in Mumbai.

·      Working women have the special ability to multitask. Taking care of the home and handling work related stress can only be well managed by women. This shows the versatile qualities which enables women to find the best flats at best locations. They are careful to buy a house at locations which can be helpful for each member of the family

·      The women homeowners are generally perceived to be one’s who does payments regularly without any delay or default. This is the reason why banks are willing to provide loans to women. Also, as women have higher EQ, this helps in dealing with the developers and making better purchase decision as all real estate dealings depend on factors like trust and mutual understanding between buyer and seller.

·      Also, women are better at handling finance. Buying a flat involves a lot of calculation based on spending and saving and therefore finding an affordable flat becomes easy for women.

Here are some more tips for women while selecting your dream home

·     Environment-friendly home is a must now. If you find pollution levels are high flats for sale in Kandivali East Mumbai, you should definitely go for better surroundings.

Look for residential properties in Mumbai near to your working area. The best place for working women to buy flats would be Andheri and Thane as so many employment hubs are located in and around the suburbs.This is very important with respect to the safety aspect as well.As a homeowner who is also a homemaker, it is necessary to have retail shops, malls and other utilities near to the property you own. Therefore, choose flats in residential projects which have such facilities inside the compound or nearby it.

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