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Find out why smart and eco- friendly flats in Mumbai are the next big thing in real estate.

The ever-increasing population of Mumbai and the demand for more residential spaces and commercial centres is indeed astonishing. Living in these densely populated suburbs of Mumbai is a challenge in itself. The latest technologies are turning a flat into smart home helpful in conserving environment, reducing cost. Thus, the desire for eco-friendly residential projects has started to gain momentum in Mumbai and around the country. Suppose, if you are planning to buy green flats in Borivali with high eco-friendly surroundings, look for these essential features in residential projects mentioned below.
flats in Borivali
The smart and eco-friendly projects will have the following:-
Renewable Energy Resources
Solar Panels
India is blessed to have sunlight for the most part of the year. Mumbai too has the potential to use the energy from the sun. Therefore, look for the residential projects in Borivali East/West which have solar panels installed.
Though the initial cost would be high, you can save large sums of money with the efficient utilization of solar energy.
Rain Water- Harvesting
Same is the case with rain-water harvesting. This can be really useful for the people living in Mumbai as the percentage of rainfall during the rainy season is very high here. This can help you save so much on water bills and the whole society can gain a lot from such initiatives

Therefore, it is would be a wise decision to find eco-friendly flats in Borivali which are using both the solar energy and rainwater harvesting techniques.

Eco-friendly flat designs

Everything natural and organic is the way forward with the industrial pollution and other sources of pollution damaging the environment. The after effects of the same can now be seen in Mumbai as well. The hazy smog in the past months hovering over the sky was indeed the sign of how pollution is affecting Mumbai.
So, what factors you should look for in an eco-friendly flat? Here are some:-

·         IGBC and LEED rating
The Indian Green Building Council –IGBC provides Leadership in Energy and Environmental – LEED, a design rating system for eco-friendly flats in India. Search for LEED-certified residential projects in Borivali East/West. The rating is according to the level of environment-friendly installations incorporated in the residential projects. According to these criteria, ratings of Platinum, Gold, Silver is given to projects.
·         Building Material
You can check for the building material used. Are they environment-friendly? Or does the components used harmful for human living conditions in any way?

·         Clean Water
How clean is the drinking water? Can it be consumed by humans without any negative health effects?  These are some of the questions you can insist on knowing from the builders and developers.
The water for everyday use also should be clean as water contains very harmful germs and bacteria that cause fatal diseases.
Once you find flats in Borivali that satisfies these conditions, you have definitely found an eco-friendly home for healthy living.

Why will the smart and eco-friendly flats be the future of living?

As mentioned before, the increasing pollution levels have made life difficult for people in Mumbai. Drastic measures will have to be taken to curb the menace of pollution. The effects have started rising in the places we live and the surroundings. This is the reason why it is important to find green flats.

The green housing projects get good incentives from Government, but the major challenge is the cost. The cost is much higher than the normal residential projects. But in hindsight, you can save a lot and get back the extra money paid by investing in green and eco-friendly flats.
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